Custom Website Design & Development

Cancodia Solutions is a boutique web design company located in Ottawa, Ontario. We create unique, high calibre websites for mobile devices, tablets and desktops. Our full range of services is designed to expertly handle all your custom website needs.


There are many different components that need to work together to produce a visually interesting and functional website. Here are some of the features that we provide for your site:

Logo Design

Your logo is part of your on-line identity which makes it one of the most important things to consider when building your website. Our designers will work with you to create a logo that represents your company or organization.


The art of graphic design is fundamental to all successful websites. Illustration, typography, color, page layout and more need to be carefully combined to produce a visually stunning website.


A beautiful photograph - or two or ten - can really make your site stand out. We can provide gorgeous images for your site.

Mobile Support

Do you want to serve people on the go? The fact is we live in an increasingly mobile world. We build responsive websites, which means your site will work seamlessly on smart phones, tablets and desktops.


Want to turn your store into a virtual shopping plaza? Online shopping is one of the most common activities on the web these days. We can build you a secure on-line store with product displays, shopping carts, and secure payments.

Content Management

Do you want to be in control? Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you, the website owner, to add, delete and modify content on your own. We can set up a secure, easy-to-use interface that puts you in the driver's seat.

Beneath the Surface

There is more to a good website than what you see in the browser. What happens behind the scenes is just as important, if not more so. Here are the things that we build into every website:


It doesn't matter how cool your website is if no one can find it. That’s why we build Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your website right from the beginning.


You can't afford to compromise when it comes to the security of your website and it's something that we take very seriously. Secure coding practices and SSL certificates are important components to help protect both your customers and your business.


A custom website requires custom software. We have written hundreds of thousands of lines of code in our careers so if you need some special functionality on your site, we can take care of it.

Life after Launch

We host your site on secure, highly available servers, with tons of processing power and reliability, but your website also needs care and attention after launch. Here’s what we do to keep it in tip-top shape:


Ready, set, go! When your website is complete, we’ll deploy it to our state of the art hosting facility.


Reliability, speed and security. We’ll ensure your website is running at peak performance at all times.


Software updates, security patches and site maintenance. We’ll take care of it all.

Who We Are

We are a Canadian Corporation, founded in 2010.



We like to flex our creative muscles to create one-of-a-kind websites.


We are a boutique web design company located in Ottawa, Ontario.

Hard Working


Well Educated

We are experienced software engineers with the know-how to produce high calibre, custom websites.

We're professional and easy to work with.

Gwen Munn, cycling on oldfashioned bike, reading a book, with books in the basket and on the back.
Rodney Wendt, cycling for fun, bent over the handlebars and getting a good workout.

Gwen Munn

Gwen has worked as a software designer at several companies, including Nortel and USA Mobility and spent six years working with USA Hockey on their national website. She has extensive expertise in software design, development and testing on large and small software projects. She has experience working on internal corporate websites and large public websites, using a variety of languages, databases and content management systems.

When she isn’t working, Gwen enjoys nothing more than relaxing with a good novel. Mystery, history, or sci-fi, it doesn't matter, as long as it's a great story.

Rodney Wendt

Rodney has extensive experience in IT, computer security and software architecture, having worked at several companies in Canada and the United States throughout his career. Rod understands how to build well designed, rock solid software and he takes software security very seriously.

Outside of work, Rod enjoys spending time playing the guitar. He's also an avid cyclist who loves getting out there on the roads around Ottawa. He's interested in drawing and illustration, working with both traditional and digital media.


Beck Books

Book Layout & Art

Book: Beck Biography

Cancodia Solutions created the cover art for the private printing of "The Life and Times of Vere and Elizabeth Beck", as well as doing the book layout and graphics.

The book was written and published in 2013 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Beck family's arrival in Prince Edward Island.

Murray River Ceilidh Site


Murray River Ceilidhs

The Murray River Ceilidh Committee has been raising money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Prince Edward Island for 14 years.

In 2012, Cancodia Solutions was proud to donate its services to the cause by creating, hosting and maintaining a website that promotes the events on-line.

The style of the site is meant to evoke a sense of an old-time music playbill, with a textured background and old fashioned embellishments.

Beck Site


The Beck Bulletin

Begun in 1999, The Beck Bulletin is an on-line news letter for the descendants of Vere and Elizabeth Beck, who left England in 1813 to make a new home in Prince Edward Island.

Cancodia Solutions redesigned the site in 2011, creating a cleaner and more organized format for the material.

The site boasts a large newspaper style masthead and the news letters are formatted with embedded images, much like a newspaper.

Custom Software Image

Software Projects

Software Projects

Cancodia Solutions has provided custom software applications for USA Hockey's national website and The Classic Stuff, a site for sports enthusiasts and collectors of sports memorabilia.